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Welcome to SENAITE

SENAITE is a modern, mobile first version of the web based open source LIMS Bika.

What does SENAITE mean?

SENAITE is a beautiful trigonal, oil-green to greenish black crystal, with almost the hardness of a diamond. Although the crystal is described with a complex formula, it still has clear and straight shapes. Therefore, it reflects nicely the complexity of the LIMS, while providing a modern, intuitive and friendly UIUX.

What is this Project about?

The primary goal of SENAITE Project is to provide a complete new and modern way to interact with Bika LIMS.

Bika LIMS depends heavily on JavaScript and most of the logic is custom built with jQuery.

While this is applicable for smaller projects, it becomes almost impossible to maintain it in larger projects. Therefore, SENAITE introduces modern JavaScript frameworks like ExtJSBackboneJS or AngularJS to provide a robust user interface which follows industry standards.

SENAITE ships with a complete RESTful JSON API built on plone.jsonapi.routes, which serves as the main communication interface between Bika LIMS and any kind of modern web framework.

This makes great web applications like the Bika Spotlight Search or the Plone Commander possible and allows non Bika develpers to interface custom web application with Bika LIMS.

The User Interface of SENAITE follows a mobile first approach and is built with Twitter Bootstrap. This makes it also possible to easily to operate in the web interface with tablets and smart devices.